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Private Fees

Listed below are the current fees for private treatment.


New patient (incl. radiographs) over 24 months £61
Routine (under 12 months) £41
Urgent treatment £29


Small £11

Periodontal Treatment

Per session £41


Glass ionomer (white/silver) from £74
Composite (white) from £97
Amalgam (silver) from £75

Root Filling

Incisor/canine £249
Premolar £286
Molar £415


Routine £96
Surgical £141


Acid bonded (per unit) £370
Conventional (per unit) £458


Tooth coloured (bonded) £470
Gold £525
Superior tooth coloured (zirconia) all porcelain £602
Cast post for crown £130
Re-cement existing crown £39


Partial acrylic from £384
Partial metal from £591
Full upper or lower £414
Full upper and lower £725
Additions and repairs to denture from £73
Reline of existing denture from £105

Sports Guard

Single colour £73
Multi colour £83
Night guard £61
Retainer £73

Tooth Whitening

Full mouth £299


Porcelain £470

Emergency Charges

Outside of surgery hours you will always be able to contact a dentist by phoning the practice number and following the instruction given on the recorded message.

If you are away from home, membership of our plan allows you to call the dental helpline who will put you in touch with a dentist who can help. Please ask our reception team for details.

Open Surgery to Include:
Exam, X rays & Prescription if Necessary
Extraction up to 2 Teeth £70.00
Open to Drain/Pulp Extirpate Max £65.00
Incise Abscess £28.00
Temporary Filling £26.00
Re-cement Crown or Inlay £30.00
Re-cement Bridge £40.00
Construct/Fit Temporary Crown Max £51.00
Construct/Fit Temporary Bridge Max £80.00
Temporary Post/Core  £60.00
Arrest Haemorrhage £42.00
Remove Sutures £26.00
Adjust Denture £23.00

The cost to the patient for the call out to open the surgery is £85, treatment fees are charged additionally to this up to a maximum of £170.

A call out fee of £85 will be charged plus the cost of any treatment. Denplan patients are responsible for the first £20 charged and can claim back the cost of treatment.

Denplan patients can claim back their emergency fees.

Contact us with your questions or dental concerns: