Dental Care for Children

Children’s teeth are precious – from their first tooth coming through to the first time a front tooth starts to wobble. We provide dental care to look after their age-specific needs and ensure they’re meeting all their dental milestones.

It’s important to make sure your child feels comfortable and happy to visit the dentist, so we try to make their visit to Knowle Dental Practice as fun and relaxed as possible. That includes showing them how the dental chair goes up and down!

We partner with you as parents to help you care for your children’s teeth and can provide advice around brushing, flossing and dietary needs. We can also support you to overcome childhood habits such as using a dummy or thumb-sucking.

Our child-friendly dental service includes treatments such as sealants and fluoride treatments, to protect and strengthen baby teeth during those all-important early years.

As your children grow, their dental needs will change and we can assess and evaluate the positioning of their teeth if they need braces.

We love working with patients of all ages and know the importance of teaching your children about how to care for their teeth. So, click here, or call 0117 977 6567 to book your child’s appointment with us now.