Reliable and dependable, dentures are a popular and trusted replacement for missing teeth. Although they have been used by dentists for many years, modern dental technology means dentures now look and feel more natural than ever before.

Whether you have lost several teeth or have lost the entire upper or lower arch of teeth, dentures are a commonly used and highly successful solution to restoring missing teeth.

At Knowle Dental Practice we provide full or partial dentures to meet your needs. We will ensure your dentures feel comfortable and fit snugly in place.

If you need a number of teeth extracted, we can plan ahead to ensure your denture appliance is built and ready for you once your mouth has fully healed.

It is important to replace missing teeth to restore your dental function and enhance your confidence. Additional benefits of dentures include:

  • Removable and easy to clean
  • Restore your facial shape
  • Allow you to eat and speak naturally
  • Natural in appearance
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Restores your confidence

Let’s get you smiling and eating normally again! Click here or call us on 0117 977 6567 to start the denture process.